Planning & Coordination


There may not be a science to love...but there is to planning and coordinating the perfect wedding. Our devoted design team will take the chemistry you found in your relationship and mix it with elements of style and uniqueness to lead you effortlessly through the details. With a personal touch and a creative eye, we will plan and execute a warm, intimate event. Whether it's vintage charm, a touch of whimsy, or a dash of modern elegance, we love experimenting and pulling components together to create the perfect combination. First comes love...then comes Amorology.




Rock Steady Weddings & Events

My name is MaLinda, and I’m a San Diego native with an intense passion for weddings, events and organization.  I am very enthusiastic about planning and coordinating, and most importantly, weddings. (I’m slightly obsessed, to be honest with you). Additionally, I am exceptionally organized, professional, very thoughtful, and dedicated to producing stellar results on your big day.  I can assure you that I will be on top of every request, and will be thinking of every detail to ensure that you have a beautiful and successful wedding day.




Josefina Weddings & Events

Well known for her style, vision & expertise, Laura’s combined background in design and management creates an unforgettable event for her clients. What sets Laura and her team apart is they are willing to go the extra mile to ensure every detail is exceeded and that their brides and grooms feel comfortable and assured that they have a caring professional every step of the way.




Creative Affairs

At Creative Affairs we recognize that as you are preparing for you special event, time is precious. By hiring Creative Affairs, you will be able to enjoy every aspect of the event process from start to finish. Our team is fully trained to be with you every step of the way.





Ann Sumi Photography

We both have a passion for romance. We have been together for 12 years and love getting to know other couples and capturing the romance in each individual couples relationship. Weddings are such an intimate day in the life of the couple that capturing each moment with a picture for them to have forever is priceless.




Stones Throw Images

Each image that I create or capture comes from this understanding. As I look through a lens, I seek the oneness of the world and try to capture this essence. Be it a picture of a person, place, thing or action, my vision is inspired by the universal connection that I believe we all are a part of.




Tim King Photographer

One of my favorite quotes is that "it's about the journey, and not the destination."  As you can probably tell from my photos, I put a big emphasis on creating something unique, memorable, and FUN with each couple.

I've always believed that it's just as important to concentrate on having a great time and enjoying your experience as much as it is important to think about what will come from it all.

With that said, I place a strong emphasis on always going for the best & most unique photos with each and every person - while at the same time making it an enjoyable experience for them.

If you care about having a great time & knowing you'll be getting some great photos you can share with friends, I'd be more than happy to capture those moments with you.




ABM Photography

Our goal is to create a photo essay that blends fine-art photography, photojournalism, and casual portraits. We strive to produce a visual story of your wedding in a more emotional and artistic way. Working throughout the day with a minimum of direction and posing allows you to relax and remember your wedding as a day spent with family and friends.  Our team of photographers have proven themselves as the finest group of professional wedding photographers in San Diego.

Studio: 858.271.8029  |  Cell: 949.463.3038


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Nationally recognized on TLC's television series "Wedding Day Makeover."



Cloud Break Films

Jerry Patterson started Cloudbreak Films in the Spring of 2005. We are a full service video production company specializing in High Definition (HD) Wedding videography. Jerry uses a discreet cinematic and documentary style, that allows him to capture the moments and emotions, without drawing attention to himself.




Side By Side Cinemas

Our philosophy is to provide a professional film service at a reasonable price. Weddings are a whirlwind and it’s important to have quality coverage of both still images and film so that you will remember your day. 

There is so much that goes into every little detail to make your wedding day special. And when it’s over, visual memories are there for you to relive the excitement! There is no way to capture the way you two dance together, the sound of your voices during your vows, or the subtle loving glances…except with film…because life moves!


Russell John Films

With our love for capturing each couple's unique story & telling it through stunning imagery, Ruessell John Films specializes in creating high-end cinematic weding films.  We realize couples want to be moved emotionally when they see their wedding film: thus our signature approach of combining film, documentary, & music video styles.  This allows us to create a moving piece of art that's fun, emotional, & timeless.


Wedding officiants:

Bethel Nathan

The decision to join your lives and hearts by making a lifelong commitment to one another is a most momentous occasion, which means that it is more than just doing what needs to be done to make it legal.  It is about celebrating your relationship, in front of those who matter to you, and it is doing so in a way that is special and meaningful to you, and to those you have asked to share that day with you! I look forward to working with the two of you - and together we will create something that truly celebrates your relationship, as we reflect your feelings for each other and include your desired traditions and messages.

Phone: (619) 302-3035



Don Toshach

A wedding ceremony is a surreal experience for the vast majority of men and women. I prompt you through each ceremony moment seamlessly, tell your love story in an engaging way, and make you and your guests laugh and cry. The result? A fun, heartfelt, inspiring beginning to your life together as a married couple. I receive so many compliments after every wedding ceremony I perform from family members and friends that they felt inspired and included instead of ignored and bored. I really do care nearly as much about your wedding as you do! I also know that I’m only as good as my next wedding, which keeps me humble and “on my game.”

Phone: 858-395-7834




Sweet Cheeks

Mom used to make us eat cookies with oats and nuts, wheat germ and whole wheat flour…We thought she was nuts herself, but as we’ve grown up, we recognize the need to introduce wholesome ingredients in our baked goods. Delicious cakes, cupcakes, and desserts for weddings, special events, and wholesale baking! We incorporate locally sourced ingredients of organic butter, veg-fed cage-free chicken eggs, organic field lavender, whole wheat flour, flaxseed & wheat germ, farmers market berries & nuts, and top quality purees & chocolates. Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. is a sustainable women-owned business baking retail & wholesale desserts locally for San Diego and shipping across the country.

Phone (619) 285-1220




Catamaran Resort & Spa

Having your special day at the Catamaran means starting your life together in an absolutely unique and beautiful tropical paradise. You'll be surrounded by everything you expect in a world class resort. 

Start with picture perfect outdoor and indoor settings, the utmost in friendly personalized service, and exquisite cuisine. Whether you want your day on a grander scale or smaller, more intimate one, 

we make every kind of wedding dream come true. Our wedding packages and accommodations make lasting memories for you and the ones you love.

3999 Mission Boulevard • San Diego, California 92109


Hotel Del Coronado

Glistening golden sand and sweeping seaside lawns. Blooming gardens and Victorian style architecture. Chandelier-lit ballrooms with panoramic views of the Pacific. The iconic Hotel Del Coronado with its signature red roof turrets and wedding cake trim presents a bouquet of romantic settings to say “I do” — whether your dream wedding is a traditional black tie or barefoot in the sand. With sunshine and ocean breezes year round, the natural splendor of The Del is a beautiful backdrop for a couple’s vision to emerge. Some weddings make memories. Del weddings make history.

Phone: 619-522-8891

1500 Orange Ave, Coronado, CA 92118


Bahia Resort

Begin the rest of your lives together with the beauty and elegance of a tropical hotel paradise. The Bahia’s San Diego wedding venues and packages mean that your special day is exactly what you’ve always dreamed, whether you want an intimate ceremony or a grand celebration. Choose from a variety of indoor or outdoor settings including our versatile meetings rooms and historic Sternwheeler banquet facilities; each venue will be designed to cater to your personal preferences and desires.

998 W Mission Bay Dr, San Diego, CA 92109


Sea World Special Events

Enjoy dinner and drinks with polar bears and beluga whales at our one-of-a-kind Wild Arctic®. Or treat your guests to the energy of our dynamic Shamu® show.

SeaWorld's unique venues offer everything from intimate aquariums to spectacular outdoor pavilions. Entertaining is taken to new heights that will surely amaze your guests.


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