What a Video DJ (VJ) can do for you

18ft. Video Screens

-A Video DJ can make your party come alive. Amazing visuals, music videos, live camera feed, custom text, and much more is possible!

-Display your own logo, monogram, or messages across the screen.

-A huge up to date music video catalog with thousands of videos! Our library dates back to the late 1950’s. All of the latest Top 40 & Club hits on video!

-Music Videos beat mixed together like no other by DJ David Cutler

-Popular movie footage, & TV shows can help create the perfect ambiance for theme parties.


Video DJ Services

$300 (includes Video DJ, Music Videos, Custom Graffics & text.)


50" Flat Pannel TV:

$400 (includes 1 Tv setup and ready to go)

$550 (includes 2 Tv's setup and ready to go)


The music video started gaining popularity in the early 1980’s with the launch of MTV. The original purpose of the station was to play music video’s 24 hours a day, like a radio station plays music. The music videos would be guided by hosts (VJ’s). They would have Top 20 count downs, and various other specialty programming such as “Club MTV” (a half hour show where guest danced to music videos).  In my eyes, this concept was gold! When I started watching this show, I was in my early teens, and just starting my DJ career. I thought that it would be so cool, if I could mix, and scratch music videos (and people would dance of course). But never in my wildest dreams would this become a reality. You have to remember, at this time there were VCR’s, which would be impossible to mix and scratch with.

In the early 2000’s, DVD’s started to gain popularity, and that’s when this dream became a reality. Companies like Promo Only & ERG started making music videos available for DJ’s (now known as VJ’s) to purchase and use at their events.

In the mid 2000’s when the popular DJ software “Serato Scratch Live” debuted, it increased the demand for online music (instead of CD’s & Vinyl). Now that Serato can play music videos, the DVD is going extinct in the DJ industry. Keeping the files in a Digital format instead of putting them on DVD helps with video quality, and the quality of the performance. This means crisp clear images, and no skipping.

The performance of music videos at night clubs, concerts, and private events continues to gain in popularity. Even though music videos have been around for the last 30 years, the concept of the “Music Video Dance Party” is still the newest, and the hottest technology available today.