Why mic dropping isn't cool (from the mic owners perspective)

The "Mic Drop" has become a popular way to end a speech in recent months.  I'm sure that if you ask most people what their opinion on the mic drop would be, they probably wouldn't have an issue with it.  I mean it seems pretty harmless right..?  Wrong!  For any AV person, sound board operator, crew member, or DJ, this is a very big NO-NO!  

As a professional sound op & DJ for the past 16 years,  I'd like to share some of my knowledge on the subject.  The key purpose for a microphone is to amplify something, or someone.  Typically, a professional microphone will start at $99, and you would end up with a wired, Shure SM-58 microphone.  When thinking about wireless mics, the cost for a professional handheld (transmitter) starts at about $250.  This price can rise quickly depending on brand and series.  For a touring wireless system like the Shure UR series, the cost for a wireless Beta-58 handheld transmitter can cost upwards of $950.

Now imagine that you are having a wedding...  You've invited 150 of your closest friends & family.  You have asked your best man to give a toast to you & your new spouse.  At the end of the best man's speech, he decides to do a mic drop.  He does it for the effect.  He had seen Bryan Cranston's mic drop at Comic Con 2015 and thought it was hilarious.  The unfortunate thing is that the microphone is most likely ruined.  Mics are very delicate pieces of equipment, and are not meant to be dropped 5 or 6ft directly onto the floor.  Another unfortunate side effect from a mic drop is a very loud piercing noise that you and your guests will hear.  Depending on the level in which the mic is set at, the noise could reach well over 100db.    

The moral of the story is, if you or someone you know is going to be giving a speech, please DO NOT do a mic drop.  The joke will not be that funny, and you will potentially be charged hundreds of dollars for the equipment that you damaged.       

A fun wedding at Bandy Canyon!


I wanted to share the beautiful photo's from Jessica & Carson's wedding at Bandy Canyon. Not only was this wedding full of character & beauty, it was also a ton of fun!  There was a lot of details and planning that went into this wedding on my end.  I provided a total of 4 different sound system setups (Ceremony site, Cocktail hour, Reception area, & inside the lodge for the after party.  In addition to all of the sound setups, I provided 16 LED up lights.  We chose to do amber outside, and aqua blue on the inside for the after party. 

This wedding was a huge success! I actually just received this wonderful thank you email from Jessica:

"Hi David!

Carson and I just got back from our honeymoon and wanted to send a huge thank you your way!!

We had the best day ever at our wedding that far exceeded our expectations! It was so fun, we wish we could relive every moment!! Thanks in large part to you!! Your set ups, lighting, music, mics, sound, announcements, your assistant - everything was so great!! We are so thankful we met you....

What a party!! :)

Please let us know where is the best place to write a stellar review for you!! Yelp? Email? Let me know!

Thanks again Dave!!"

Here is a link to the photo's:



San Diego Wedding DJ - The Crossings 2014

Here are a few teasers from my super fun wedding last weekend!  I can't wait to see some pictures of the dance floor, as it was packed the entire night!  Photos by: Jenna Petersen Photography  http://jennaphoto.com/

May 2014 San Diego Wedding Review

David was very easy to work with and offers a reasonably priced package for whatever you are looking for in a DJ. For our wedding, we didn't need the whole lighting and special effects package since it was outside and he was able to meet our needs at a decent price. If there isn't a song in his existing collection, he will find it for you! We were looking for someone who would play our song list but would also be able to read the crowd and change things up. He did this perfectly and I would definitely recommend him to others.